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Can't reach router login screen from any browser in I can't reach the login screen of my Asus wireless router from my Windows 10 desktop PC. However, the router seems to be working in all respects, and I can reach its login screen from a laptop on the same LAN and from my iPhone. From the desktop I have internet access through the router, I can ping the router … RT-AC86U - Network Map not working corectly Jul 17, 2018 Troubleshooting VPN passthrough for home routers | Answer

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Page 1 of 2 - Local DNS Setup issue with ASUS router - posted in Networking: I set up my Asus RT-AC1900P router for a home network and after completing the set up, I ran the DNS Benchmark test on Setup Asus router with NordVPN | NordVPN Customer Support Here are the instructions on how to set up OpenVPN connection with NordVPN on your Asus router. The instructions were made on Asus RT-AC51U, firmware version: 1. At first, you need to login to the control panel of your Asus router. Usually, by default, it is Your ISP's DHCP is not functioning properly - ASUS router i think i might be in need of you assistance sending a provisioning signal. I got the same exact issue, also Asus router, also was working for years. Just ordered a new xfinity package and it still worked with the old modem. But when i switched to a newer version of the modem, the issue occured. ASUS RT-AC68U LAN Port not working - Asus