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Firefox doesn't even support Flash anymore, that tells you how outdated that technology is. Well, that also affects your speed test results. Here's proof from the same Windows VPS server of speed tests I ran, one on Chrome (which uses Adobe Flash) and one on Firefox (which uses the new Beta version) Chrome: An IPv6 speedtest site that doesn't suck (Comcast, but It just seems like they are using the same (or similar) speedtest.net code, since they host a number of nodes for them. It would be nice to see them roll this out without flash, however, we take what we can get. I was able to get a decent test, but it was about 1/2 my IP4 from speedtest.net… Wow- this is awesome. I hated speedtest.net | Hacker News beta.speedtest.net does the same but without flash. soared on May 18, 2016. Wow that design on that site is a lot better. I've also never actually seen a big website host ads on their own servers, and still not get blocked by abp+. Ads also don't have a redirect, and they are adsense. Interesting. Speedtest.net - GATHER The usability of the Speedtest application is quite simple. Even without having to make a user account, you can pre-select your preferred testing server from the settings. Before beginning the speed test, you will have to choose either the recommended server or the one you find appropriate for you.

An overview of SpeedTest.Net. The mastermind behind the speedtest.net platform is Ookla. The company has an incredible reputation in the field of internet speed test. Till date, Ookla has run more than 20 billion internet speed tests. It exemplifies the trust people have in the company for getting the most accurate internet metrics.

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or use speakeasy.net , speedtest.net to test broadband speed My speed result is,download=1.09Mbps and my upload=0.87Mbps and i check my speed from and the reason why im using this speed checker is that i dont have flash to support speedtest.net so i went for this and without java and flash its working..

HTML5 Internet Speed Test. no Flash or Java! Broadband Speed Test That Works on Any Web Browser. 0.5 1 10 100 500 1000+ DOWN L O AD UP L O AD PING JI T TER---Mbps---Mbps--ms--ms--Jitter--ms Designed to replicate your real-world connection speed! FastSpeedTest.com - Test your Internet Speed and find out Welcome to FastSpeedTest.com. Test. Download SpeedTest.net - Now Test Your Internet Speed Without Flash