2011-10-18 · For example, the following route commands with -p option will add or delete the persistent static routes. # route -p add 1 # route -p delete Note: -p option works only on solaris 10 with Patch ID: 122539-06 or Solaris 10 KU

2020-7-13 · Check the file /etc/hostname.bge0, the configured IP address could be in there.By default the hostname is listed in that file and the name is looked up in /etc/inet/hosts.From the found entry, the IP address is used together with the corresponding netmask from /etc/inet/netmasks.If a network entry can not be found, the default for the the class type (A, B or C) is used. solaris 10 route add on specific interface - Server Fault 2020-6-11 · arp -s macaddress-of-hme0 pub route add secretip ndd -set /dev/ip ip_forawrding 1 Under Solaris, proxy_arp is really broken. The only reliable way to do it is to give the machine an additional secret IP address, such as that you only use for this. solaris 10 static_routes 静态路由 多了一个做法 - … 2011-11-4 Route Add - Unix

Creating Persistent (Static) Routes. You use the route command to manually manipulate the network routing tables. To make the changes persistent across reboots, use the –p option. Because the /etc/defaultrouter file is deprecated in Oracle Solaris 11, you can no longer manage routes (default or otherwise) by using this file. Using the route command is the only way that you can manually make

route -p add -net 宛先ネットワークアドレス)-gateway (ゲートウェイのIPアドレス) 実体は /etc/inet/static_routes ファイル(手動編集は NG とされています)。 route -p Solaris 9 & 10的地址和路由设置 -别忘了,忘了就 … 2009-8-12 · route add -host destination_ip local_ip -interface interface eg: 我们想为本地主机接口hme0(和另一台在相邻才C类网络上的主机(之间增加一条路由 #route add -host通往目标主机的网关) -interface hme0 Solaris 10双网卡 双路由-haiwei_wu-ChinaUnix博客

Solaris 10: Configuring netmasks and default gateway in

2020-5-8 · is my backup server; is the gateway for the local subnet; This did not work. If I try to ping the backup server from the host, snooping on both interfaces shows that packets never even go out. I just get ICMP unreachable. On the suggestion of a coworker, I also tried this variation: route add -ifp e1000g1 ZZ: Solaris下route add 如何增加永久路由 … 2010-11-2 · 2012年12月(10) 2012年11月(5) 2012年08月(4) 2012年07月(3) 2011年(8) 2011年11月(2) 2011年05月(1) 2011年04月(2) 2011年03月(1) 2011年02月(1) 2011年01月(1) 2010年(31) 2010年12月(2) 2010年11月(1) 2010年10月 route add报错SIOCADDRT: Network is … route add报错SIOCADDRT: Network is unreachable 在如何评估线上系统的容量?(二)中我写过,对于target server应该增加一条去往assistant server的静态路由规则。 在实际的使用过程中,有同学反馈在执行route add的时候会提示SIOCADDRT: Network is unreachable,这是什么原因呢? Solaris 11 配置IP地址 - 暮无雪代码博客