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Do you really need a layer 3 switch? don't have to be C**** layer 3 switch has made an innovation by combining layer 2 and layer 3 device -> layer 3 switch the most distinguish feature of layer 3 switch is its routing capability Unfortunately, in the implementation, the routing function on the switch is often not used because routing task is done by dedicated router Setting up Layer 3 VLAN routing - Hewlett Packard We have three physically separated locations. We just connected them via an AT&T CSME or Opt-E-Man. It’s fiber, but what AT&T provides is a port on an AT&T owned HP Switch in the MPOE. We then plug our switches into the AT&T switch. We have several VLANS on each switch: Default, 100, 103, 108, 111,

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Gateway configuration at the remote VPN end-point is a not Sep 28, 2017 Questions about 10gb LAN, pfSense, L3 Switch and other 1 gb switch. 1 gb LAN. What I will not get before a looooong time: 10gb WAN lol. What I would like to do: (Just throwing lot of stuff here) Build a custom box or buy a router for pfSense (or keep it virtualized actually, I don't really care. Just get different hardware) Upgrade to a 10gb LAN. Use a VPN to have a remote access to my home network. Section 36.2: BGP/MPLS L3 VPN - Arista 36.2 BGP/MPLS L3 VPNBorder Gateway Protocol/ Multiprotocol Label Switching (BGP/MPLS) L3 Virtual rivate Network (VPN) allows a Service Provider (SP) or an Enterprise to provide the service of interconnecting geographically dispersed customer sites. T How To Set Up VLANs On An L3 Managed Switch (HP 1910) With