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The next version Shrew Soft VPN Client will have pcf import. Available now in the 2.1.5-rc-1 From change log: Add support to windows gui components for importing cisco PCF files. Installing and Configuring the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client This document contains instructions on how to obtain, install and configure the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client on Windows PCs. Use of the VPN client software is restricted to users of the IT Services Remote Access Service only — see the web page Usage Terms for Software Agreements for details.. In order to use the VPN service, you will need to have the necessary Remote Access Services username Install and Run Cisco's AnyConnect client for VPN

Jul 10, 2020

Before installing, uninstall any instance of the Cisco VPN client (or Cisco AnyConnect) on your computer. If your operating system is automatically detected, proceed with the automatic installation. If your operating system is not automatically detected, click the "AnyConnect VPN” download link. After the download is complete, run the installer. How To Get Cisco VPN to Work on Windows 8 - Next of Windows

Cisco VPN Client - Baixar (grátis) a versão para Windows

Cisco VPN Client (32bit, 64bit) Download Now Available! We would like to inform our readers that we have updated our download section to include Cisco's popular Windows VPN Client. The Cisco VPN Client is available for both 32bit and 64bit Windows operating systems. To download the latest Cisco VPN Client, simply visit our download section and look for our new Cisco Tools category!