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proposal (Security Group VPN Server IKE) - TechLibrary CLI Statement. vSRX,SRX Series. Define an IKE proposal for group VPN server. You can configure one or more IKE proposals. Configuring IKEv2 IPsec VPN for Microsoft Azure Environment Feb 07, 2019 VPN connection hangs in “Connecting” - Geeks Hangout Oct 22, 2018 Diffie-Hellman Group Use in IKE – A Network Guys Blog

Dec 31, 2014

Client VPN Issue - The Meraki Community Non-Meraki / Client VPN negotiation: msg: invalid DH group 20. DH 19&20 Most commonly for me, when a client didn't have Client VPN configured to properly authenticate with AD etc - Since it only affected one user, this is not the issue . Confirmed FW wasn't blocking. Configure IPsec/IKE site-to-site VPN connections in Azure DH Group specifies the Diffie-Hellmen Group used in Main Mode or Phase 1. PFS Group specifies the Diffie-Hellmen Group used in Quick Mode or Phase 2. IKEv2 Main Mode SA lifetime is fixed at 28,800 seconds on the Azure Stack Hub VPN gateways. The following table lists the corresponding Diffie-Hellman Groups supported by the custom policy:

DH with 1024 bits (group 2) has 73 bits of security; DH with 1536 bits (group 5) has 89 bits of security; DH with 2048 bits (group 14) has 103 bits of security; That is: If a really secure VPN connection is needed, the phase 1 and phase 2 parameters should use at least Diffie-Hellman group …

For example, the IKEv2 main mode policies for Azure VPN gateways utilize only Diffie-Hellman Group 2 (1024 bits), whereas you may need to specify stronger groups to be used in IKE, such as Group 14 (2048-bit), Group 24 (2048-bit MODP Group), or ECP (elliptic curve groups) 256 or 384 bit (Group 19 and Group 20, respectively). Solved: Issues connecting Meraki Client VPN - The Meraki Dec 12, 2019